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Introducing our Strawberry Season Collection, a luxurious assortment perfect for summer journaling. Our vintage-inspired illustrations pay homage to the timeless allure of strawberries. Every page, card, and envelope boasts delicate motifs, showcasing the intricate beauty of these luscious fruits. Embellished with soft pastel hues and delicate patterns, our designs invite you to embrace the simplicity and grace of a bygone era.

Feel the whisper of summer's warmth as you explore our enchanting collection. Each piece is carefully infused with an essence of the season, ensuring your journaling experience is as vibrant and radiant as the sun itself. Allow the pages to become your canvas, effortlessly capturing the essence of your summer memories, dreams, and aspirations.

Immerse yourself in the joyous journey of documenting life's precious moments. Whether you're penning heartfelt letters, chronicling your adventures, or preserving cherished recipes, our Vintage Strawberry Season Stationery Collection becomes your faithful companion, embracing every word with the tenderness it deserves.

Our exquisite designs and high-quality materials create a nostalgic and refined experience. Capture your cherished memories, dreams, and aspirations on our artisanal paper, delicately adorned with vintage-inspired illustrations. Let our collection transport you to a world of poetic expression and timeless elegance. Rediscover the joy of journaling with our Strawberry Season Collection today.

Strawberry Season Collection

Strawberry Season Satin P.E.T. Journaling Sticker Sheet Set fruit


Strawberry Season 'Plant City' Satin Washi Tape 30mm fruit


Strawberry Season 'Gathering' Perforated Satin P.E.T. Tape 50mm fruit


Strawberry Season Washi Bundle fruit


Strawberry Season 'Festival' Premium Satin Die Cut Washi 35mm fruit


Strawberry Season Botanical Illustration 5 x 7 Notepad fruit