PAPERSHIRE || Wacky Holidays - 08 August

    PAPERSHIRE || Wacky Holidays - 08 August

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    1 | 5 x 7in sheet of Wacky Holidays - 08 August stickers

    Step into the captivating world of Papershire, our latest addition to the shop! Explore their  collection of doodle stickers that are meticulously crafted with passion and artistry. Each design is digitally printed on white, premium paper for vibrant colors and enhanced weather resistance, ensuring long-lasting beauty. From whimsical characters to charming doodles, Papershire brings a touch of creativity to your projects.

    Meet Zen, the talented artist behind Papershire, whose journey from crafting soft felt toys to creating unique planner stickers has captured hearts worldwide. Based in a quaint seaside resort in England, Papershire's distinctive designs are a testament to Zen's artistic passion and dedication. Get ready to elevate your creativity and add a sprinkle of charm to your everyday life with Papershire stickers.

    *Pro Tip: For easy removal, apply stickers to the back of your palm before sticking them onto paper. Explore the magic of Papershire today!

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