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Flutter Satin P.E.T. Sticker Sheet Set

    Flutter Satin P.E.T. Sticker Sheet Set

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    Flutter Collection

    I can never assume when it comes to items in the shop, inventory can never bee guessed.... but if I had to, I should have added these when the Flutter collection launched. So a day late and a dollar short, These will perfectly compliment the Flutter Collection washi you may already have. Now you can finish the set with new matte P.E.T. stickers

    These ultra-thin diary stickers often found in planners and journals throughout the Asian continent, we went searching for the perfect waterproof, matte transparent paper with a nice thick backing for easy removal...And we found it! We think you'll love this new sticker paper!

    In this sticker set, you'll receive 2 sheets of deco & compositions, perfect for layering in any collage, planner or journal spread, without adding bulk.