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Shellie Collection | Vinyl Decal

    Shellie Collection | Vinyl Decal

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    Embrace the serene beauty of the beach at sunset as you stroll along the sandy dunes. The soft pastels of the evening sky and the gentle lapping waves create a tranquil ambiance. Our exclusive collection features 6 exquisite washi paper sticker sheets, adorned with delicate florals, shells, and sunset patterns in soft pastel colors. These stickers are perfect for infusing your planners, journals, and crafts with the vintage charm and nostalgia of summer evenings.

    Shellie Collection | 1 vinyl sticker diecut, 3in

    Our die-cut stickers are printed on our white vinyl sticker paper and is digitally printed in full opaque color with a protective matte film to keep the brilliant colors from fading or aging on your projects.