Hello December!

by Lauren Phelps on December 02, 2022

This is a short & sweet 'lil LPD update!

The Epic Shopping Weekend was a huge success & I will be filling orders for the next year and a half.... lol but no seriously, WOW, my largest number of orders in a 7 day span to date! It will take me some time to get through all of them as it is still just me around here! Fulling being moved into the new space & HIRING an employee is so close, stick with me please as we are still experiencing some scaling pains. THANK YOU

& now the topic on all of your minds: ADVENT, MAGNOLIA LANE

UPDATE TLDR: Day 1 is December 13th, shipping asap! We still have time :)

Long version:
Circumstances beyond my control, allowed a package to sit in Miami over a week which of course delayed me BUT that item was damaged on arrival (of course it was because that's how things go, right?). It had to be remade, IMMEDIATELY! This as you can imagine caused a domino affect as it is the ONLY ITEM that I do not have (since it already arrived once.) Magnolia Lane, is a 12 day Advent & the first day starts on December 13th so we still have time, I will be sending your 'white box' priority 2/3 day & have been in touch with all fulfillment providers re: the importance of shipping immediately. I did consider leaving this item(s) out of the box and shipping separately, BUT it is against postal codes to send without other things as it could... shesh, I can't tell you what it is cause it is a surprise for day 8 on December 20th. I do have a blog post here that I also have been posting updates on!

So glad to have you here for the fun & to share this exciting growth with you!


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