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It's been a year... Here's to 2022

by Lauren Phelps on December 30, 2022

Gosh I’m grateful for you! 2022 has been a year! here are the highlights!

I am human (except my grandmother calls me a robot) and I struggle with sharing super personal stuffs on the digital platforms but lets just say rolling in to 2022, I wasn’t sure what it had in store for LPD, coming off of a huge year of growth… making plans to scale the business properly, but timely. I still doubted myself. I was negative to myself. I had serious impostor syndrome & constantly compared. As an artist & perfectionist with a side of detail oriented, it is 24/7 just keeping my mind right, especially being on team no chill. I get an idea & immediately run with it! Sometimes though, that idea takes months of development before I’m satisfied & can release it. Which is where that properly scaling the business comes into play.

There were some low points in this season of uncertainty. Fear & tears. The overwhelm that comes with being at the cusp of growth (like having a 25-30 business day shipping period and needed every second of it to fill orders), that place in between ‘I can do it myself & I need help, like full time’. Hiring a legal team to stand with me navigating brand drama that I was roped into unnecessarily. Shipping costs & delays associated with covid domino effects. Construction, that was more than we planned for but had to get done. Moving, which should have been easy but I severely under estimated the task. Inflation…

BUT THE HIGHS! The incredible achievements. Created a new, customer friendly & searchable website, turns out you love and it was 'new' but unlocked a zillions avenues for us. Signed our first lease & hired our first 2 employees(hey, we are hiring if you are in south Florida!)! Collaborated with some amazing friends! Hosted a 45min live, interactive, workshop at an IN PERSON planner conference. Fangirled & met some my inspirations, the ones who have been in this community since I got here in 2014. Created our first notebook trio (tba). Created some first time products on my product bucket list. Opened a wholesale shop on Faire. 2 exclusive boxes, both SOLD OUT. Created 16+ stunning collections & cultivated beautiful friendships within this community.I mean, I think the good for sure out weighed the low moments.

Honestly, what a year. Believe me when I tell you, owning a business is hard work & I wouldn’t change it for a second. Thank you for being the best part of LPD. For believing in me & my smeadium business & most of all for being my friend. Chapter 2023, I’m ready 🎉

Looking forward, here is what is to come! January 6th will be the first official release of the new year. Magnolia Lane extras (no full boxes) & the inventory mystery blow out boxes + a few sneaky things I have been holding on to.

If you are wanting to know about Anniversary HERE is the need to know info PRE-SALE February 3rd. This will not be a 'pre-sale and then I order' this is a 'I ordered, there are only xyz available'. So you will want to grab it during the pre-sale.

I currently have the year around items up on the site and I am going to try and keep the processing time under 10 days. I am still looking for an employee so it will go back up if needed.

Oh, and a freebie. Links below :)

So glad to have you here for the fun & to share this exciting growth with you! 




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