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June is here! 🌴Are you going to be enjoying a staycation this summer?

by Lauren Phelps on June 01, 2022

With summer officially here in South Florida 🦩 it means temperatures above 95°, dry shampoo, pools & sun block for days! But it also means, kids home, adventures with family & definitely some coach loafing! Staycation here I come!

A new month means a new calendar for LPD & I think you will LOVE what I have planned over the summer!

On Friday, June 3rd Team LPD will officially open applications in our search for the Fall/Holiday Team! 🙌🏼 You will be able to find the application link on social media and featured in it's own blog post! The search will end on June 12th, so make sure that you get your application in during that time period! Selected candidates will be emailed on June 17th.

Adventure Awaits you in this months Bits & Pieces release, with a fun camping themed bundle. ⛺️ As always, the Bits & Pieces are a curated collection featuring some of the best kept LPD secrets. These items may seem an odd bunch but together they form an amazing collection of perfectly paired harmony. This bundle will be available on June 10th at 2pm est and it is a good one! 

Rounding off the 1st month of summer is the Poppy Collection on June 24th! This collection also has some friends that it is bringing from the Journalish collection & together they are 🤌🏼 'chiefs kiss'! Seriously! I can't wait to start sneaking all the amazing elements! 

So glad to have you here for the fun!


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