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Magnolia Lane the 2022 Advent Experience

by Lauren Phelps on November 04, 2022
Lauren Phelps Designs logo in flowing, bouncy script with stars. Tagline reads, "Live simply, Plan wildly, Dream freely."


Grab your LPD Magnolia Lane Advent experience NOW before they are gone! Remember this is a limited release & once they have sold out, I can not & will not be restocking. The last 3 boxes from LPD have sold out & it is anticipated that this box will also sell out.

You will not want to miss this box as it is packed with goodies & has at lease 6 new products in it, get them before they come to the shop in early 2023!

Prepare to take a walk down Magnolia Lane. The luxurious 2022 Advent box, features 12 individually wrapped gifts to open daily starting December 13th.

 This years #lpdadvent is filled with amazing stationery items carefully designed and curated encompassing the stunning beauty of Magnolia blooms. You will find Lauren Phelps Designs classic items & some new items that coordinate perfectly with the bold beauty that you expect in a Lauren Phelps Designs box. Magnolia Lane is not holiday specific & can be enjoyed year around.

Please do not wait, based on prior years, I expect this LIMITED release to sell out. Afterpay, Klarna, Shop pay & Paypal are available for your convenience. The box is 149.99/169.99 & is valued at well over $250.00 + you will have an opportunity to be the first to receive some of the new LPD classic items coming to the shop in early 2023.

Shipping is included & where applicable, international orders will be processed thru LPD fulfillment providers. Limited production means there is a set amount of available boxes & once that number is met, sales will stop & no additional boxes will be sold.

Thank you for being the best part of LPD!  


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