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Bits & Pieces No. 03 - Something Borrowed, Something blue too...

by Lauren Phelps on March 11, 2022

Something Old, Something New, Something borrowed… this time something blue too!

I take great pride in making sure all (well, most all) collections offered can be mixed and matched. I find sometimes it is easier to do when you have all the tools in hand and a little prompting, maybe even a image for reference! Just like that the idea of Bits & Pieces was formed!

Many times, I receive comments on posts, emails and direct messages asking what I used in a journal or planner spread and it is hard to list them all! I wanted to curate a NEW bundle of items that come from many collections offered. That way you have the tools to create something amazing as the foundation of your craft of choice.

Today’s ’Bits & Pieces’ release is a set perfectly curated, showcasing a combination of items that you may have never thought to combine & offered at a amazing discount so you can try it too! This curated bundle features some of the best kept Lauren Phelps Designs secrets. These items may seem an odd bunch but together they form an amazing bundle of perfectly paired harmony. 

Found in this months bits & pieces bundle:

3, 5 x 7 sheets luxe transparent matte vinyl sticker sheets ($9.75)
6, 5 x 3 luxe transparent matte viny circle & square sticker sheets ($17.94)
1, 15mm Premium Washi roll (light gold foiled) ($4.50)
1, 25mm Premium Washi roll (Copper rose foil) ($4.99)
1, 30mm Premium Washi Roll ($4.25)
1, 3x3x sticky note ($3.25)
1, Clear Acrylic Book or Page Holder ($6.99)

Total Value: $51.67
Bundle $25.99

I very much hope you love the new Bits & Pieces series & look forward to each month as I do!

Thank you for your love and support! All my best,



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