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How did LPD start?

Well, Whaaa ha happened was….. I created a planner cover for myself.

At the time, I was a bonus mom of 2, a wife as well as working seasonally on a farm, training horses for the derby’s around the world… as you can imaging I heavily RELY on my planner for school activities, hubs scheduling, meal planning as well as meetings, feed schedules, airport departures & arrivals & a zillion other things.

I had a planner band around my Erin Condren Life Planner to keep the pages from flying around while zooming around 5000+ acres on my John Deer Gator BUT it just was not enough to keep them from being blown & creased (cause if your planner gets a crease you have to get a new one, lol) or from miscellaneous notes being lost or flying away.

As I was visiting the Target Dollar Spot one day, I saw that cute aqua polka dot expandable folder. That’s where the vision was born… In target… figures right?!?!? Paper Problems Etsy shop was created. March of 2015!

Unfortunately the material on that folder was not heavy enough, so I started researching other options, that is when the The Original Frosted Wrap cover was born! This item followed by the ‘Perfect Pen Loop’. These items are history now but in 2015/16 they were the jam & you can still find YouTube Videos about them & what they were all about!

It was early in 2016 when I rebranded to Lauren Phelps Designs & then later expanded into printed & laminated planner covers. This ultimately led to the LPD kits that started in September of 2016.

Today, I am still a wife & mom but am working LPD full time from my home office. LPD is know for amazing semi annual boxes, Tab Tape, Tip In tape, Washi & more! Its an honor to be a part of so many creative communities & share this love with you all!

Thank you for being a part of the LPD journey!

<3 & Blessings Lauren