GUESS How many layers?!?!

by Lauren Phelps on May 12, 2023

GUESS How many layers?!?! I have been a content making machine lately and this wasn't going to be a 'shared' project BUT it came out SO good, I couldn't NOT share it! I used one of the packing bags from the Gran Park Way box & a vellum die cut from the box as well. Loaded it up with vintage pages and started layering! Gold paint splatters are my favorite... Oh and my grandmothers lace too! SO GOOD!

As of writing this email, there is only 1, only ONE full box remaining. Honestly, if you have not gotten the box, you will be saving SO much. 

Gran Park Way a la carte 'bits'

Next Friday, May 19th all of the 'bits' will be release as most all boxes have made it safely home. Here is a list of what will be available and the prices so you can get your ninja fingers ready to roll accordingly.

  • PET Tape $16.99, Loops $7.99
  • 30mm washi $6.29
  • 20mm washi $5.29
  • 15mm washi $4.99
  • 5 x 7 notepad $14.99
  • Die cut set, 24 pc $15.99
  • Pen Pal $12.99
  • Vellum $2.99
  • Acetate$3.49
  • 5x7 pet sticker sheets $3.99
  • Burnish sticker sheets with tool $4.99
  • Acrylic clip $12.99

I mentioned  that I have been a content making machine & I wanted to share some of the projects I have created! Each one of these were made with the elements from the Gran Park Way Anniversary box! I did use some ephemera and journalish washi as well on a few of them but I love the outcome! #teamuseallthethings

Since the next release isn't until next week and all PBC orders have been processed, I did go through and make a 'LAST CHANCE' section, 50% off items. They all had less than 20 items in stock and will not be returning.

hank you for being the best part of LPD,


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