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It's true what they say about Octobers...

by Lauren Phelps on October 01, 2022

I played all my cards for the PBC sale last weekend by releasing the Solstice Soiree collection, BUT I did find a few surprises up my sleeve for October. Is this month going to pass as quickly as the past few? They seem to be flying by (it can't be just me).

As I put my nose down and get both the August washi pre-sale and the PBC orders shipped, we are rounding the corner for our NEW 2023 items. The new 2023 Cover & Pencil board + new 2023 month stickers are releasing on October 14th @ 2pm est. I am really excited about this cover & pencil board design as it features both my favorite flower & hand drawn, exclusive art! (PRESALE TRACKER)

I will also be showing some of the transformations happening over at the NEW LPD offices as we renovate and work on moving into the new space. I can not wait until you are able to come visit in person! Hugs for everyone!

Holiday designs are coming Friday, October 28th & will of course be a bit traditional with a very LPD twist! More to come later on the festivities!

So glad to have you here for the fun & to share this exciting growth with you! 


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