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Vintage Core 'Mix Tape' Satin Washi 20mm
Vintage Core 'Mix Tape' Satin Washi 20mm
Vintage Core 'Mix Tape' Satin Washi 20mm

    Vintage Core 'Mix Tape' Satin Washi 20mm

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    Vintage Core 'Mix Tape' | For the modern day vintage lover

    Introducing our Vintage Scribe Collection, where timeless elegance meets modern functionality. This collection exudes classic charm, with vintage-inspired motifs adorning each piece. Elevate your writing experience, whether journaling, note-taking, or sending handwritten letters, and enjoy the sophistication this stationery adds to every word. From elegant notepads to exquisite envelopes, it offers a complete writing experience and makes for a perfect gift. Rediscover the art of writing with the Vintage Scribe Collection, combining the elegance of a bygone era with the convenience of contemporary stationery. Collect them all with this easy (& discounted) bundle.

    1 20mm roll x 10m satin washi tape roll, heat sealed & labeled.

    Our writeable satin washi tape is digitally printed in full opaque color with a protective satin film to keep the brilliant colors from fading or aging on your projects. Acid free, waterproof and pairs perfectly with The LPD Ultimate Storage System washi sample cards and pockets.

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